Frequently Asked Questions

Are there good books on teaching and learning?

Tools for Teaching (2nd ed.) by Barbara Gross Davis is one of the most popular texts out there.  It is available from the UNB Bookstore and also:

 McKeachie's Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research and Theory for College and University Teachers (13th ed.) by Wilbert J. McKeachie and Marilla Svinicki is recommended as well.

Google and Amazon can both suggest many other good books which are related to teaching and learning.

What other resources can help me to prepare for or improve my teaching?

The Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning (CETL) in Fredericton and the Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC) in Saint John provide training, support, access to best practices and innovative classroom technologies.  They also have an extensive equipment pool of audio-visual, multimedia and instructional technology hardware which can be loaned on a daily or weekly basis for classroom support.  Be sure to check out their lists of teaching resources too.

UNB libraries offer services such as classroom support, course reserves, collections development, and instruction facilities.

The Writing and Study Skills Centre in Fredericton and Student Services in Saint John work with students and also provide custom workshops, in-class sessions, aids and exercises for classroom use, and text mark-up templates for instructors.

Our own Diploma in University Teaching (DUT) aims to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes in instructors that will facilitate better teaching and learning.

What should I do if a student is struggling in class or with his/her personal life?

Student Services - Fredericton and Student Services in Saint John offer a number of services ranging from academic support and health care to assistance with finding employment and applying for financial aid.  You could also consult with your Chair or Dean.  Please follow confidentiality regulations and refrain from revealing student names or making requests on behalf of students unless authorized to do so.

Where can I send international students for help?

The International Student Advisor's Office (ISAO) in Fredericton and International Student Services in Saint John offer a comprehensive support service for new and continuing students.

What grades should I give?

There is no one standard across the University or within a discipline.  Please discuss this question with your Chair or Dean and with other instructors who are teaching the same course as you.

What are the basic rules around conducting a course that I should know?

Please familiarize yourself with academic regulations in the UNB calendar, especially those concerning academic integrity, plagiarism and other offences.  The section on plagiarism must be added to every course syllabus.