Yun Zhang   2005 University Research Scholar

Dr. Yun Zhang has been a tremendous asset to the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering since his arrival here in 2000.  He is among the most prolific researchers on campus, and has already built strong links to interested users and partners in industry and government.  He has been nominated for several international prizes, and he and his students have been recognized at international conferences for the high quality of their presentations.  Dr. Zhang has a solid track record of publications in his many areas of interest, has transformed the teaching of remote sensing and photogrammetry, and is highly regarded by both his students and colleagues alike.

Image fusion is important in remote sensing, photogrammetry and other geo-spatial applications. Most precise remote sensing applications require high-resolution imagery with multispectral information.  However, most Earth resource satellites provide only low-resolution multispectral images and high-resolution panchromatic images.  Many modern airborne digital sensors also collect multispectral images at a lower resolution and panchromatic images at a higher resolution.  Image fusion techniques that can effectively integrate the high-resolution panchromatic and low-resolution multispectral images are crucial for extending the application market of such remote sensing imagery.

Before the automatic image fusion technique developed by Dr. Zhang, many image fusion techniques had been developed.  However, none of them could produce satisfactory results for fusing the images from new high-resolution earth imaging satellites.  The resulting colours in the image could be distorted, and the overall quality was very dependent on the time taken and the skill of the person doing the job.

The new automatic fusion technique developed by Dr. Zhang solved those problems. His technique can automatically fuse all of the multispectral bands at one time, and no manual intervention is required during the fusion process.

Because of the importance of the new development, this fusion technique has made a significant impact on the world’s remote sensing applications.  In addition to being the subject of a cover article of a major international technical journal, the technology has been licensed to two world-leading companies involved in remote sensing hardware and software development.

Despite his youth and relatively short experience here at UNB, Dr. Yun Zhang has proven himself to be an extremely capable young researcher already being recognized internationally.  He is an outstanding professor who exemplifies the intent and ideals expressed in the criteria for a University Research Scholar, and is becoming an excellent ambassador for UNB.

Presented by David Coleman

Dean of Engineering

April 7, 2005