Yolanda Spithoven   2011 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Yolanda Spithoven is the glue that holds the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management together.  Since 1996, Yolanda has brightened the lives of hundreds of UNB students.  She is a tireless recruiter and promoter of the university as a whole and of the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management in particular.

Yolanda meets our students when they are still in high school or community college and guides them through their undergraduate degrees.  She knows their backgrounds, their communities and often, their parents.  She is their academic advisor, their confidant and our “nurturer in chief.”  She has an exquisite sense of when a hug, or a tissue or a dose of straight talk is appropriate.

Yolanda’s contributions to our undergraduate experience is truly invaluable.   Her personal investment in each student is one of the most important reasons for our reputation for excellence in undergraduate education.  Her remarkable positive energy makes this Faculty and this University a better place every day.

Yo, we think you are remarkable and we’re grateful for all that you do for our students.  Thanks you!

Donald Floyd

Forestry & Environmental Management