Will van den Hoonaard   2007 President's Medal Recipient

It is our wish to nominate Will van den Hoonaard for a President’s Medal/Distinguished Service Award. 

Will van den Hoonaard has been a faculty member in the Department of Sociology since 1979.  During his tenure at UNB, Will has consistently demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the three core components of academic life: research, teaching, and community service. His extensive record of scholarly publications and presentations is provided in the accompanying curriculum vitae.  Perhaps the most evident contributions are in the areas of research, graduate studies, and ethics.  Will has supervised 11 Master’s/Ph.D theses, examined over 30 graduate theses, and served on examining boards and committees. Will’s mentorship has extended into the Qualitative Research Group, an initiative that he helped establish to support the development of qualitative research and researchers among faculty and students within UNB and STU. Will’s open door policy and willingness to meet with students combines with his strong research background and personal qualities to endear him to many students he teaches at all levels. 

Imagining Will van den Hoonaard’s contribution exclusively at a local level provides a somewhat misleading perception.  Will has been actively involved in the (Tri-Council) Inter-Agency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics since 2001.  He has served as a member of SSHRCC adjudication committees, editorial boards, and professional associations.  Will has offered numerous guest lectures and conference presentations at sites around the world.  Indeed Will van den Hoonaard has been an ambassador for UNB in the broader academic and cultural community.

The outstanding feature of Will’s contribution to UNB is the unwritten record.  Will van den Hoonaard has maintained a high level of academic integrity while offering support and a spirit of openness to students, faculty, and staff alike.  This commitment to principles is evident in his work with ethics and governance.  Will has served on the Senate at UNB Fredericton for nine years and the Board of Governors for three years He continues to serve in these roles.  Will van den Hoonaard took steps necessary to initiate the inclusion of the home towns/countries of graduating students in the program.  He founded the Milton Gregg United Nations Internship that provided UNB students with internship experiences at the UN in the 1980’s.  Will served as Acting Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies during 2004-5.   Currently he is collaborating with a colleague at Beijing University to establish the Sino-Canadian Centre for Qualitative Research here at UNB.  Will continues to be an active member of the UNB community in many ways.

In summary, Will van den Hoonaard has demonstrated an exceptional ability to meet high standards of teaching, research, and community service in a manner that has been respectful to both the people and the institutions along the path.  It is in this spirit that the nomination is put forth - one of respect and appreciation for the valued contributions of a colleague and a friend.

 John Grant McLoughlin                

Constantine Passaris

Read by John Grant McLoughlin

April 10, 2007