William G. Paterson  2001 UNB President's Medal Recipient

Bill Paterson is a rare example of an individual who has bridged the gaps among three careers and three communities. He has seen both personal and professional success in the private sector, academia, and government.

The University's mission statement calls for the involvement of the private sector and government, and today's world demands it. Bill was one of those visionaries who recognized this fact many years ago and has dedicated his efforts to those ends with energy, creativity and innovative spirit. His leadership has helped the University of New Brunswick to become a bigger player in the international market, a major partner and resource for the industrial and government sectors, and a valued and active participant in our province's economic well-being. Under his tutelage and direction, the Centre for Research and Development Services has grown from a three-person operation to its current staff of twelve, and research income has grown from eleven to over twenty million dollars per year. More importantly, Bill has uncompromisingly and steadfastly maintained the University's reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering at UNB in 1959, Bill initiated his professional career in the private sector. As he was completing a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1962, Bill accepted a faculty position where he remained for fourteen years. In 1976, after attaining the rank of of full professor, he re-entered the world of engineering consulting. This was punctuated by a three-year term as director of the province's science and technology secretariat prior to his returning to UNB in 1989. Throughout his outstanding career Bill has found the time to devote himself unselfishly to professional development, both his personally and that of his fellow engineers. He is a lifetime member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick, serving as its president in 1982. Currently he sits as vice chair on the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board and is a member of the Canadian Research Management Association.

During his career at UNB, Bill has served on or chaired numerous committees and advisory/management boards of its centres, including CADMI Electronics, Inc., the Centre for Nuclear Engineering Research, Inc., the Wood Science and Technology Centre, and Incutech Brunswick, Inc., serving as its president from 1994-1999.

Bill's professional dedication to the University of New Brunswick and its goals has benefited all whom he has served or who have sought his counsel. His knowledge of the three solitudes, the three communities which he has served throughout his career, has been vital to the University's efforts in building bridges between and among those communities.

It is for his professionalism and dedication to the well-being and growth of the University of New Brunswick that William G. Paterson, P.Eng., deserves to be one of the first recipients of the President's Medal.

Presented by John McLaughlin, Vice-President (Academic)
February 16, 2001