Wayne Donaldson   2002 UNB Service Award Recipient

Dr. Wayne Donaldson has been an integral part of the Faculty of Arts at UNB since his arrival in 1971. Almost immediately the Psychology Department recognized Dr. Donaldson's ability to deftly juggle research and teaching with administrative duties. In 1972, he was named Acting Chair of the department. His involvement and service didn't stop there. In1981 he was again named Acting Chair of Psychology, and in 1985, he assumed full responsibility as Chair of the department. Twice he has been called upon to apply his administrative acumen to the position of Acting Associate Dean of Arts. Now Dr. Donaldson more than ably carries out the duties as the actual Associate Dean, a position he has held since 1999. In all of these roles, he has made service to the Faculty of Arts and its students his highest priority.

In his current stint as Associate Dean, Dr. Donaldson's responsibilities are legion. Above all, he assumes primary responsibility for the 1,500 undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts. From graduation checks to program advice, Dr. Donaldson provides expert academic counselling to all third- and fourth-year students, and many first-year students, in the Faculty of Arts. He reviews the academic transcripts of every student enrolled in the Faculty several times throughout each student's academic career in order to monitor student progress towards the Bachelor of Arts degree. He assesses and assigns academic credit to students transferring into the Faculty of Arts from other faculties, universities, and colleges and he is responsible for conducting prior learning assessments for the Faculty of Arts.

In addition to his regular duties, Dr. Donaldson has frequently taken on administrative responsibility for many of the multi-disciplinary programs in the Faculty of Arts. He is the chair of the curriculum committee for the Faculty of Arts and is the Faculty of Arts curriculum representative on Senate.

Beyond all of this, Dr. Donaldson is an esteemed teacher. He is the professor that students fondly remember, decades later, for his support, his mentoring and his passion in the classroom. In 1991 he became the first recipient of the Arts Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, in 1992 he was the University's nominee for the 3M Teaching Award, and in 1994 he was nominated for the University's Allan Stuart Teaching Award. Dr. Donaldson remains actively involved in teaching, especially enjoying his role with incoming students in the University's Arts 1000 program. Next year he will teach, Psych 4053, the History of Psychology, for the first time in his 30-year career at UNB. Already his desk is piled high with materials he is consulting and compiling in anticipation of this next teaching challenge.

Although the following was said of Dr. Donaldson many years ago, it remains a very appropriate commentary today:

Not only is he regarded as setting a fine professional example in his research and teachings; he is considered to be a stimulating colleague of remarkable intellectual breadth, interest and tolerance. He is also regarded as a compassionate, sincere, considerate and helpful human being.