Wanda Foster   2010 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Wanda Foster is the Admissions Officer at the Faculty of Law and her nomination for a university service award was based upon a fourteen year history of outstanding administrative contributions to the University of New Brunswick.

 In her current role as Law Admissions Officer, Wanda directly deals with all aspects of the admissions process from handling initial expressions of interest to facilitating the arrival of the entering class of First Year students.  Regardless of their stage in the admissions process, Wanda handles all applicants with a unique blend of personal judgment, human compassion, discretion and promotional skills.  It does not matter whether an individual is one of the strongest applicants or a prospective applicant who is not yet competitive with the remainder of the pool, everyone is treated in an encouraging, respectful and efficient manner.

 Each year there is clear evidence that very competitive applicants, who have received attractive admissions offers from other Canadian law schools, chose to attend UNB Law School in large measure because of their admissions experience with Wanda Foster and Stacey Hovey.

 Within a survey conducted in the fall of 2008, First Year Law students were asked, “How would you describe your dealings with our Admissions staff in relation to other law schools you may have applied to?”  Here is a representative sample of the actual responses obtained:

 “A+ -- Wanda’s office is a certain institutional strength.  Information was always timely, complete and accurate and positive – she makes a great first impression on UNB’s behalf.”

 “Great.  Everyone was awesome, especially Wanda Foster.”

 “Wanda Foster and fellow Admissions staff were absolutely fantastic and helpful.  They were the best team that I dealt with in terms of efficiency.”

 “This was the second reason I chose to attend.  Wanda was extremely helpful and accommodating

 For all of these reasons, Wanda Foster truly is a worthy recipient of a UNB Distinguished Service Award.

David Townsend
John Williamson
Faculty of Law