Vera Zarowsky   2010 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Vera Zarowsky has worked at UNB for 19 years, and over that time has served in three departments in the Faculty of Arts with exemplary proficiency, skill and professionalism.  She has handles many chores as secretary, assistant to Graduate Directors, and more recently as the administrative assistant to Department chairs – and she has done so with unfailing accuracy, thoroughness, and pride in her work.  Where ever she worked, Vera gained the admiration of faculty and students alike, performing her many challenging responsibilities with a grace, cheer and sense of tact which helped foster the friendly and collegial atmosphere so important to the smooth operation of departments.  Her well-known imaginative and creative flare often graced the handbooks, posters, and other promotional material circulated by departments, leading one chair to note that Vera does more than run the daily affairs of departments with dispatch and intelligence; she is also a talented designer who has been instrumental in promoting departmental programmes and initiatives.

Vera also has continuously demonstrated extraordinary concern for students in Arts courses and programs.  Indeed, two graduate students commented that Vera’s enthusiasm for student’ academic and professional development inspired them to feel a part of a community that was larger than their specific program.  For example, according to a former writer in residence, Vera’s passion for students lead her to go well beyond the call of duty in providing essential support that allowed students to realize their dream of building and showcasing New Brunswick talent in a theatrical form via NotaBle Acts Theatre Company.  Further, in all the departments in which she worked, Vera took the initiative to identify and implement ways to improve departmental functioning to better serve students.

In addition to her distinguished service within the University, Vera has also been active in several civic and charitable organizations, including the Fredericton Community Kitchen, the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the Cancer Society.  In lending her time and numerous abilities to these organizations, Vera has displayed – and continues to display – the sense of civic responsibility which helped to extend this institution’s presence into the community and larger province.  In recognizing her today, we are celebrating a person with a record of distinguished service to this institution and community, while also recognizing the crucial value which this university attaches to its loyal and dedicated staff.

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