Vanda Rideout- 2016 Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Yanda Rideout came to UNB in 1998 after completing her PhD at Queen 's University.  Prior to her return to university and a second career, she spent ten years in industrial accounting.

During her tenure in the Department of Sociology, Dr. Rideout was an exemplary departmental citizen, taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, and served with distinction as the Director of Graduate Studies from 2010 until 2015 when she retired.  Within the broader context of professional life, Dr. Rideout served on a variety of university and scholarly committees, and was actively involved in union work.

Graduate students mentored by Dr. Rideout were well trained for future research careers in the academy, non-governmental agencies, and the government. Her door was almost always open to answer questions, offer support or encouragement, or to provide constructive feedback to the students within our graduate programs.  She was skilled in identifying and negotiating creative solutions to difficult issues and Dr. Rideout was known to be more than fair to all who sought her input.

As a scholar, Dr. Rideout received three sizable research grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), in addition to SSHRC seed and conference funding. Her monograph Contextualizing Canadian Telecommunications : The Politics of Regulatory

Reform was published by McGill-Queens University Press in 2003.  Over the course of her career, Dr. Rideout published numerous journal articles, chapters in scholarly books and research reports . Together with several research associates-former graduate students who are receiving excellent experience as a result-her latest SSHRC funded project on the digital economy is nearing completion , as is the monograph based on it, tentatively titled Stars in the Crown: Research in Motion and NorTe! Inc.

Despite the fact that in the past few years Dr. Yanda Rideout's health began to impact her life in numerous ways, her commitment and drive to her research and the department continued and­ in some ways-intensified.  On many occasions, she pushed herself beyond what might have been considered reasonable , or advisable , for the sake of those things and people she held dear. Recognizing her with this award is one tangible way to declare that her scholarship and her mentorship was meritorious.

Dr. Yanda Rideout advances the mission ofUNB and exemplifies--dare we say, embodies-the UNB motto making a significant difference.