Tillmann Benfey   2004 University Research Scholar

Dr. Benfey won the prestigious Research Award of Excellence from the Aquaculture Association of Canada in 2003 and has been widely consulted by international agencies with respect to the environmental impacts of genetically modified organisms. He was one of the authors of a definitive report on this topic commissioned in 2003 by the United Nations World Heath Organization and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. This clearly indicates the international stature of Dr. Benfey's work.

Dr. Benfey has contributed 54 peer-refereed papers, of which 14 were in the last three years, his research has attracted over $1 million in direct funding over the past 7 years, and he has an extensive role in supervision and training of graduate students and other HQP. His research emphasizes sustainable aquaculture, and is carried out through collaborations with a wide array of researchers in other academic units at UNB and outside organizations. He is a leader in the field, in every sense of the word. The aquaculture industry is a major employer in the provincial economy and a central feature of the province's prosperity agenda for the future.

Dr. Benfey has achieved all of this prominence while teaching a full load and having a heavy service load as well, including as Director of Graduate Studies in one of the largest and most active research graduate programs in the University. He has also twice been awarded a University Merit Award for his achievements.

Presented by Timothy Dilworth
Chairperson, Department of Biology
June 23, 2004