Theresa Noel   2010 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Ms. Noel has been a member of the University Library staff since 1985.  Her career has encompassed Cataloguing, Circulation and Document Delivery.  Her working career at UNB followed her student days, obtaining a BA from STU in 1980 and a BBA from UNB in 1985.

In her probationary review, her supervisor Ruth Allen wrote “Theresa is a very capable person, learns quickly, a hard worker and requires little supervision...she will continue to perform well in any responsibility she assumes.”  Ruth’s prediction was very accurate!  Teri was promoted to Circulation Desk Supervisor in 1988 and was a very valuable member of the Circulation Team until I was able to entice her to take-on a completely new assignment.

In 1991 when I was trying to establish the QuickLearn loan experiment I quizzed several senior staff as to who would be able to get this project up and running with speed; and more importantly a supervisor who would guarantee the projects success.  The name that was repeated many times was Teri Noel.  We put the QuickLoan team together under the direction of Judy Aldus with Teri as the supervisor.  In the first year interlibrary loan transaction increased by orders of magnitude, from some 3,000 to 15,000.

This success would not have been possible without Teri’s dedication and commitment to building the best document delivery service available anywhere.  Judy Aldus retired in 1999 and we were able to promote Ms. Noel to the position of Manager of Document Delivery.  A promotion that was long overdue!

The decision to place Teri in the Document Delivery leadership role has been affirmed regularly.  She turned UNB’s regional reputation from quite negative to a “go to” location as evidenced in the letter from Gwyn Pace, Chair of the Atlantic Scholarly Information Network Document Delivery Group.

The testimonials for document delivery began when we launched QuickLoan and have continued as Document Delivery has matured into one of our most successful core services.

“Thanks for your quick reply and assistance.  I’d like to let you know that I am truly amazed and greatly appreciative of the level of service you provide in Document Delivery.  I wish I had had access to something similar when I did my first degree almost 20 years ago!  Kudos to you and your staff.”

“...[faculty member when speaking to a librarian] he mentioned having made a lot of doc del requests lately.  He said that service here is “fabulous” and that it was the best of any university he’s been at (which includes UBC)!”

“Given the size of our universities and their library budget, a speedy and efficient document delivery system is critical.  Ours has always been top notch, and it continues (despite the changing [and cranky] forms) to be so.  Congratulations to this important part of our journal collection!”

As Director of Libraries it is a pleasure and honour to have Teri Noel as a member of staff.

John Teskey
Director of Libraries