Terry Cormier   2003 UNB Service Award Recipient

Terry Cormier currently serves as the Electronic Commerce Technical Support Specialist with the Faculty of Business at UNB Saint John. His job-related tasks consist primarily of servicing the wireless program in the MBA program as well as providing a support function for the Faculty of Business. I must say that Terry, by nature of his job and his personality, often goes far beyond the defined parameters of his job.

Terry not only supports the Faculty of Business but is also frequently called up on by various members of the University community for assistance with file conversions, innovative presentation formats, technical glitches in "smart" classrooms and the like. Despite a full daily agenda Terry is always willing to lend his expertise to assist others. As a result he is often in before the sun rises and sometimes is rushing out the door to pick up his family long after his regular scheduled hours of work.

In addition, Terry has assumed a mentor role with others working on technical projects within the Faculty of Business as well as at the Electronic Commerce Centre. According to those working with him, Terry is patient in his approach and interested in their experience.

However, the primary impetus for this nomination is Terry's unwavering commitment, support and humour in his involvement with competitions within the Faculty. For one week each year Terry leaves his family and virtually lives in the Delta Hotel to ensure that the EC Case competition does not experience any major technical problems. He also is on hand before and during the OREO event to ensure that the antiquated gaming software does not crash and ruin the competition. Despite the trials and tribulations, the long hours and the frayed tempers associated with both of these events, Terry has always maintained a level head and focused on solving the problem.

He is very deserving of this award.