Tammy Hicks   2007 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Tammy Hicks has served the UNB Saint John community with enduring commitment and a high level of customer service since 1990, when she first took up duties as Mailroom Clerk.  Mail service (incoming and outgoing) is a crucial part of any enterprise.   A wide variety of mail is received on a daily basis, overseen by Tammy with efficiency and a cheerful good nature, assisted by her in-depth knowledge of mail systems.  Tammy has a genuine understanding that each piece of mail is important to the person sending/receiving it. Tammy’s pleasant and out-going personality is extended to all who find themselves at the Mailroom, be they faculty, staff, students or delivery personnel.

Over the years, UNB Saint John has undergone considerable growth and change.  However, Tammy has maintained a high level of service and commitment while coping with an ever-changing workplace that many would find daunting.  Tammy has trained and supervised a number of international and domestic students hired to assist with mail delivery; such training and supervision was meted out in equal parts patience, understanding and good humour.

In addition to her duties as Mailroom Clerk, Tammy has also served the membership of CUPE 3339 as current and past President, a task she copes with in a forthright and committed manner to serve both her fellow workers and the University administration.

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April 25, 2007