Stephen Rosenfeld   2008 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Stephen Rosenfeld has been with the University of New Brunswick for over 30 years. His contributions to UNB are staggering.

"My UNB e-Services" is just one example of the many service improvements developed under his leadership at ITS, formerly Computer Services.  Others have included the implementation of various Datatel modules, as well as the development of an ITS Disaster Recovery Plan. Mr. Rosenfeld served as Acting Executive Director ofITS for two years before moving to UNB Libraries.

On September I, 2005, Mr. Rosenfeld became Director of Library Systems. New to a library enviromnent and to library systems, Mr. Rosenfeld challenged many assumptions as he settled into his new role.  His learning helped our learning and our progress. Mr. Rosenfeld has moved the Library forward ensuring that we get the maximmn value from all of our "systems" investments.

In an e-mail sent to Library Board (27 April 2007), the Head of Archives and Special Collections, Patricia Belier, referred to "a pleasant and effective collaboration" with Mr. Rosenfeld and his Systems' staff as they evaluated archival software. Mr . Rosenfeld has been a very positive force within the Library and his leadership has led to improvements in working relations as well as to important service enhancements that were long overdue.

Steve Rosenfeld works very hard to solve problems and to involve the right staff to "move the yardsticks forward".  He is appreciated by all of his colleagues in the Library
and throughout the University, and not least by his Systems staff. He is eminently deserving of the Distinguished Service Award.