Stella Keays   2003 UNB Service Award Recipient

Stella Keays is the longest serving member of the Faculty of Kinesiology with more than 32 years of service. For most of this time, Stella has been directly involved with the administration of the Faculty's undergraduate program, first as undergraduate secretary, and more recently, as co-ordinator of student support services. To quote Dean Chris Stevenson, "Stella has been the one constant — the rock — at the centre of our undergraduate program." Program directors come and go but Stella has been a source of institutional memory to whom many turn for guidance.

A recent example illustrates the nature of Stella's contribution to the Faculty. This past November, a heated discussion began in a Faculty Council meeting. It was clear that there were two opposing points of view over a curricular decision. In an athletic context, it looked as if some were going to win and some were going to lose. Stella usually doesn't speak at these meetings, but raised her hand, waited her turn, and offered a solution where both sides won. The item passed unanimously.

As Chris Stevenson has also stated, "Stella has always known more about the curriculum than the majority of the faculty, and it has been Stella to whom we turn for advice and clarification when difficult questions about curricula or courses are asked by students during the advising process."

Stella has always been available to students — to advise, to counsel, to celebrate, to console — and in this role, she has always put in far more time and effort than is mandated by the collective agreement. She spends countless hours serving students, staying late, and not taking her coffee breaks or full lunch hours.

Stella is renowned in the Faculty for the quality of her work, the speed at which she accomplishes tasks, her friendly and accommodating manner and for her caring attitude toward each and every student she counsels. She is very effective at juggling many tasks at once while providing full, undivided attention to our students who truly appreciate her support.

Stella is witty, funny, and intelligent. The Faculty has been well served by her sustained sense of humour through all of the technological changes and the numerous program changes that we have experienced over the years. As our Assistant Dean, Diane Potvin, has said, "Stella has demonstrated great flexibility adjusting to these changes and has now become an invaluable asset to the students and to the faculty."

Stella Keays has made a significant contribution to our Faculty. We are proud to nominate her for a University Service Award.

Presented by by Jeff Burkard Director of Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Kinesiology
February 7, 2003