Robert Rogers   2010 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Robert (Bob) J. Rogers joined UNB in 1977 as an assistant professor and over the past 33 years he has provided exemplary service to his students and to the university. Bob has taught more than 3,000 undergraduate students and supervised the research studies of 30 MScE and 10 PhD students. He has also supervised more than 100 undergraduate students completing technical projects in support of New Brunswick industry and community groups. In recognition of the quality of his teaching, he was given the first Teaching Excellence Award in our department by students of the Mechanical Engineering program.

Bob was instrumental in the development and implementation of reformed department curriculum as director of undergraduate studies.

Bob has enhanced the reputation of UNB through his service to his professional community by serving as chair of the NRC Machinery Dynamics Subcommittee and as director of the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association. He has frequently chaired conference proceedings and has reviewed hundreds of grant applications and scientific papers submitted for publication. He has also acted as a consultant to New Brunswick Industry on many occasions.

In addition to all these contributions, Bob has always found time to support the teaching and research of his colleagues. These acts of mentorship have been very influential to the development of our faculty and must be regarded as a great service to UNB.

David Coleman and the Department of Mechanical Engineering