Richard Papenhausen   2004 President's Medal Recipient

Dr. Richard Papenhausen is an outstanding leader as Director of Student Life & Support Services at UNB Saint John. He has dedicated over 20 years to improving the quality of life for students. As the second official Director of Student Services, he has been instrumental in developing the unit into the distinct, formal Student Life and Support Services Department it is today.

In addition to providing very caring support to students, Dr. Papenhausen's commitment reaches far beyond the usual call of duty. Being especially interested in students reaching their academic potential, he has authored two study skills textbooks - Active Learning and Student Success and The Tao of Study - the latter of which is especially geared towards UNB Saint John's burgeoning Chinese student population. Active Learning and Student Success is used as the text in the campus's Student Success program, which is celebrating its 10th year in 2004.

Dr. Papenhausen has also shown his dedication to student learning through teaching. However, his interest in students' development is not confined to the classroom. He has dedicated his career to assisting students in developing their leadership skills. Each year he has organized a leadership development workshop to assist student leaders in honing their skills. He has applied his active support to the campus radio station, the International Student Association and the Ability Awareness Committee. Dr. Papenhausen has also served for many years as an advisor to OPTAMUS, the Organization for Part-Time and Mature University Students, which honoured him for outstanding service to students on five occasions. He has been likewise honoured five times by the Students' Representative Council.

As an English professor, Dr. Papenhausen has been a strong advocate of good writing. He was the creator and director of the UNBSJ Writing Laboratory, which first opened in 1984 and has now become the highly acclaimed Writing Centre.

In 1997, Dr Papenhausen partnered with colleagues at UNB Saint John, the Saint John Regional Hospital and the New Brunswick Community College on the administration of a drug and alcohol survey which compared the results of UNB Saint John to the national norms.

Richard Papenhausen has a history of service to the greater Saint John community. He has been honoured for his service to the Saint John Learning Exchange and the Human Development Council, and has served on his local School Parent Committee.

Dr. Richard Papenhausen is well known for his leadership in Student Services, unselfishly sharing his expertise in the field of student success with colleagues across Atlantic Canada.

Presented by Muhammed Kabir
Associate Vice-President (Saint John)
February 27, 2004