Randall Martin   2003 UNB Research Professor

Dr. Martin is unarguably a top-notch scholar of Renaissance literature with a strong and growing reputation in the field. He has already published four major books and has another two forthcoming: the first an edition of Everyman Out of His Humour to be published as part of the prestigious Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson, and the second (titled Great and Bloody News: Women and Murderers in News Pamphlets and Broadside Ballads, 1577-1697) to be published by Ashgate Press in its multi-volume series, The Early Modern Englishwoman. Clearly, his books are major scholarly undertakings which have been published by internationally reputable academic presses. Furthermore, they have made significant contributions to Renaissance scholarship. The recent edition of Henry VI Part Three, for instance, advances a new theory to explain the origins and relationship of Elizabethan play-texts, and employs a new methodological basis for analysing them; and the soon-to-be published Great and Bloody News, like the earlier Longman's edition of Women Writers in Renaissance England, extends the study of Renaissance literature to include hitherto neglected women writers of the period. In a true sense, his books are original, for they are ground-breaking publications which reshape our thinking about Shakespeare and the place of women in Renaissance literature and culture.

In addition to these books, Dr. Martin has published numerous articles in leading journals in his field and has presented several papers at foremost national and international forums, including the Shakespeare Association of America and the World Shakespeare Congress. His scholarly activity has been both steady and productive, and its calibre is indicated by Dr. Martin's success in securing substantial and consecutive SSHRC grants. Not surprisingly, his work has received favourable notice in Times Literary Supplement, Renaissance and Reformation and other leading journals. His reputation as a scholar reaches far beyond the borders of this university and country.

Dr. Martin is a serious, prolific, and accomplished scholar whose passion for scholarship is evident not only by his own achievements, but also by his willingness to lend his time and expertise to other scholarly initiatives, including serving as an external assessor for SSHRC grant applications, serving on SSHRC's Level 1 National Assessment Committee for doctoral applications, acting as editorial consultant for the Fitzhenry and Whiteside Canadian Thesaurus, and taking a lead role in securing for the University a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Electronic Editing, a position which will bring a major and long-term research project to this campus. I honestly cannot think of a more appropriate or deserving candidate for a University Research Professorship, for Professor Martin's past accomplishments and current research define the excellence in scholarship which this title was created to award and encourage. Dr. Martin already enjoys a considerable reputation in the community of Renaissance scholars. Appointing him a University Research Professor will make it easier for him to continue the type of superior work which has won — and will continue to win — recognition for his department and this university.

Presented by John Rowcroft, Dean of Arts
April 4, 2003