Ramesh Prasad   2011 Distinguised Service Award Recipient

Professor Ramesh Prasad joined the University of New Brunswick Saint John in 1982 as an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering.  He came to UNB after spending 11 years with Bihar Institute of Technology in India. 

Beyond his teaching and student supervision duties, he provided effective leadership by holding the positions of Chair of the Department of Engineering and Acting Chair of the Department of Physical Sciences.

Dr. Prasad’s service to the University of New Brunswick spans various activities. For example, he taught many undergraduate and graduate courses, and served on several university committees, including Engineering Curriculum Committees, UNBSJ Senate, and more. He supervised the research studies of 9 M.Sc.Eng. and 2 Ph.D. students and served on the advisory committees of 19 M.Sc.Eng. and 16 Ph.D. examinations boards. He has also supervised more than 50 undergraduate students while they were completing final projects at UNB. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to UNB and pioneering research work, he was granted the Merit Award twice in 1986 and 1994.

On the research side, Dr. Prasad is an active, highly productive researcher who devoted his career to non-redundant, cutting edge applied research in the area of heat and mass transfer. He has attracted over $1.5M in sponsored research and published over 80 articles in refereed journals and conference proceedings, as well as 14 other publications. Dr. Prasad’s contributions to the scientific community at large include his acting as a referee for a number of journals, (including Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, AMSE Journal of Heat Transfer, Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer and more), and his involvement in the evaluation of the work of others.

Dr. Prasad demonstrates the qualities of both a University Research Scholar and an ambassador for UNB. He truly exemplifies the spirit of this Award.

Idris Gadoura, PhD
Department of Engineering