Philip Backman   2010 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Phil has established a reputation of going out of his way to meet with students for extra assistance with first year Physics classes.  He was awarded a Departmental Teaching Award in 2008.  In addition to fulfilling his regular teaching duties as a Senior Instructor for Science and Engineering students, Phil has presented general interest courses on Astronomy, Physics and Space for non-science students.  These targeted courses facilitated some students in obtaining the necessary "Science" credits required for their degree, but more importantly, enabled students without a science background to gain an appreciation of space travel and astronomy. 

To add personal depth to his space lectures, Phil recently participated in a zero gravity flight.  Such flights are referred to by some Canadian Astronauts as the "vomit comet" and are not to be taken lightly.  

Phil's formal UNB service has included activities at the departmental, campus, and university level.  This includes being a member of the Faculty Curriculum Committee, Chair of a Bi-Campus Review Committee, the SJ Coordinator for the Physics Department and holding various positions with AUNBT. 

A distinguishing aspect of Phil's service has been his continued involvement with bringing Physics and Astronomy to the wider New Brunswick community.  He has been a regular contributor to the Open Houses associated with the Fundy Regional Science Fairs, Summer Science Camps and the NB MATH Competition. Phil has provided physical science displays and workshops that always leave the participating students wanting more.  He has a reputation for going out of his way to meet with students for extra assistance with first year Physics issues.  Phil  redesigned the first year Physics lab to include a more appropriate layout and a "round-about" on which students can experience centripetal forces while having a little fun.

R.E. Humphries (Dept. of Chemistry)
J.M. Terhune (Dept. of Biology)