Peter Jacobs   2011 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

In a career spanning almost 30 years, Peter Jacobs has done more than almost any other individual to provide this university with stable, reliable, and economical communications systems. A professional engineer (UNB, 1983), Peter has risen through the ranks, from systems engineer, responsible for mainframe communications, to Director, with a portfolio encompassing telephones, wired and wireless networks, and consortial projects such as the advanced research network now extending across the province and beyond.

Peter is much admired by his staff and by colleagues throughout New Brunswick and Canada. A natural leader, Peter is unassuming but very intelligent, and is quick to spot opportunities for the university and the department. For example, he is largely responsible for articulating the tremendous benefits to be accrued from converting the current phone system to voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP), which will see the Fredericton campus eliminate millions of dollars from its costs over the life of the project.

Peter’s reputation and technical expertise was very largely responsible for recently obtaining a grant of over $3 million to renew and expand the regional research network, utilizing the latest fibre optic technology and ultimately expected to connect all higher education researchers throughout New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Peter was also a key contributor to a successful proposal to the provincial government for further funding of this initiative.

Peter’s vision, humor, and technical skill ensure that UNB will continue to benefit from his contributions for many years to come. Congratulations and thanks to an employee who has remained devoted to an ever-changing institution, and who has had a great deal to do with making that change successful for us all.

Terry Nikkel
Integrated Technology Services