Nancy Waugh  2002 UNB Service Award Recipient

Mrs. Nancy Waugh has worked with every Principal and Vice-President at the University of New Brunswick Saint John in a long and distinguished career. So much has her career been bound up with UNB Saint John that she even worked for the architects who designed the Tucker Park campus — Mott, Myles and Chatwin — before joining the University.

In her role as Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President (Saint John), Nancy has worked industriously to the benefit of UNB as a whole. She has not only run the Vice-President's Office with extreme precision and efficiency, she has also become a great resource in terms of knowledge and support of both campuses — UNB Saint John and UNB Fredericton.

Nancy Waugh is the ideal Administrative Secretary to the Vice-President (Saint John). She is exceedingly competent, the soul of discretion, unfailingly courteous and pleasant to everyone she encounters, loyal to her boss and to the institution, and always ready to pitch in and get the job done whenever it lands on her desk. Her job requires her to be on top of everything that gets to the Vice-President's desk and to work with virtually everyone on campus at some time or other. Her scheduling of time and tasks is masterful and she anticipates well. Her job is very trying and yet she somehow never manages to show how stressful it is. If she doesn't know something — and that itself is rare — she seems always to know someone who does. Her skills in tracking down information and people are legendary.

Nancy Waugh has been a mentor to many at UNB Saint John, always available to give assistance and advice. As well, while Nancy's contribution to the University is wide and varied, no less important is her resilience in fulfilling her duties in the midst of today's ever-changing work environment.

Nancy is a woman of great tact and grace who is so pleasant to be around in the workplace. She is reliable, loyal and attentive to details. She is also low-key and is not a self-promoter, which could result in her reliability, her loyalty and her attention to details being taken for granted.

Not so now . . . now the University of New Brunswick honours Mrs. Nancy Waugh as a most worthy recipient of a 2002 UNB Service Award.