Nancy Nason-Clark - 2017 President's Medal

Professor Nancy Nason-Clark, a sociologist of religion, has pioneered the academic study of the paradigms that religious leaders and congregations adopt in framing and responding to domestic violence.  Dr. Nason-Clark applied revolutionarily the science of sociology of religion to unveil how the dynamics of power and control originate violence in the family and against women.  In her books, she challenges conventional theories and offers strategies for transforming vulnerability and resiliency in both the abuser and the abused.  Dr. Nason-Clark's legacy has grown across all continents, and her inquiry and findings shape the social and political arenas for decades.  Her research and methodology continue improving the lives of people as they inspire and guide novel frameworks of practices against violence.

In parallel with this stunning research career, Dr. Nason-Clark also performed numerous important administrative roles (Director of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre on Family Violence Research; Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts; Coordinator of the Women Studies Programme.  She often is called upon to act in moments of transition or difficulty, and her legacy is typically to leave a chaotic or challenging environment in a more positve working milieu.  She also occupied the role of Chair of the Sociology Department for 8 years.  Her service goes beyond UNB as she has occupied elected prestigious positions in her field of research such as the President of the the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, the President of the Religious Research Association, and the President of the Association for the Sociology of Religion.

Dr. Nancy Nason-Clark is an accomplished and appreciated professor and mentor.  Her abilities and effectiveness in these areas have beeen recognized (e.g. she received the Faculty of Arts Teaching Award and the Allan P. Stuart Excellence in Teaching Award).  Graduate students and younger colleagues benefit from her generous mentoring, which often goes beyond their training or junior years at UNB.

Dr. Nancy Nason-Clark has served the University of New Brunswick in an exemplary manner and in so many ways.  She is a most deserving recipient of the President's Medal.