Myriam Barbeau   2010 University Research Scholar Recipient

Dr. Myriam Barbeau is a marine ecologist whose work promises to yield new and fundamental understanding of the biology of coastal Atlantic Canada. 

She has studied the organization of Atlantic rocky shallow, mudflat, and saltmarsh communities, and has worked to apply new ecological understanding to the productivity and sustainability of shellfish aquaculture.  She has been a highly productive researcher, with 27 publications and 30 conference presentations over the last 5 years, and her graduate students have excelled as well (with one nominated by UNB for NSERC’s Doctoral Prize).  She has garnered research funding from NSERC (Discovery Grant and Strategic Grant), MITACS (as part of a Network of Centres of Excellence) and several other sources. 

Her work is exciting in part because her synthesis of laboratory work, field experiments, and mathematical modeling provides a model for combining theoretical and experimental tools to provide answers to important ecological questions. 

Dr. Barbeau’s career has been accelerating since her arrival at UNB in 1999, and is poised to become even stronger while she holds the University Research Scholar award.