Michael Fleming   2009 University Teaching Scholar Recipient

Dr Fleming is one of our most outstanding teachers. The students have awarded him the faculty's excellence in teaching award twice in the past 4 years, 2004 and 2008, and he has been nominated many times.

Michael has been actively involved in the development of several new courses He was instrumental in developing the course CS2333, Computability and Formal Languages. Michael was also responsible for the development of two graduate courses, CS6785 User Modelling, and CS6905 - Advanced Topics in Computer Science (Decision Theoretic Agents). Dr Fleming has supervised several graduate and undergraduate theses.

Michael is one of our most effective student advisors and is the manager of our faculty mentors program, which assigns each student to a single professor for his/her entire 4 year program. As advisor to our first year students he has played an essential role in helping students to adapt to our curriculurn and program. He has continually shown both in his teaching and in his advising a very strang committment to and a concern for all of our undergraduates.

All of our faculty and students are delighted that the university has seen fit to present Michael with this award of distinction.

Shirley Cleave

Associate Vice-President Academic (Learning Environment)