Meda Adair   2004 UNB Service Award Recipient

The Faculty of Nursing is proud that Meda Adair has been awarded a UNB Service Award. She has provided the faculty with 19 years of invaluable service to both students and staff and makes MacLaggan Hall a more pleasant place to work.

Prior to joining the Faculty of Nursing, Meda worked at the Harriet Irving Library for 15 years. Since 1987, Meda has been the Co-ordinator of the Self-Instructional Lab (SIL) at the Faculty of Nursing where she is responsible for the computer lab, book holdings, and audio-visual and screening clinic equipment. Over the past three years, Meda has been instrumental in working with Physical Plant to complete a major renovation to the SIL. The result of her efforts is a modern, comfortable lab with 20 up-to-date computers. This lab is always a beehive of student activity.

First and foremost, Meda functions as a receptionist to all the people who visit SIL. She is soft-spoken, always greets you with a smile and willingly helps everyone. She is responsible for supervising the five to six nursing students who take turns filling in for lunch breaks or covering evening hours in the SIL.

Part of Meda's responsibilities include co-ordinating the many articles that faculty put on reserve for their courses. From the students' perspective, Meda is the person who sells debit cards for the photocopier, helps locate the articles, and keeps the photocopiers and printers supplied with paper and ink. As she says, she likes to do "anything and everything that makes the students' busy lives easier." Prior to screening clinics, Meda ensures that all necessary supplies are packed in boxes and ready to be picked up by the faculty member. She takes bookings for audiovisual equipment and, along with UNB's Integrated Technology Services department, ensures that the equipment is maintained. She also monitors the inventory of educational pamphlets.

Meda goes out of her way to help students and to make them comfortable. She willingly assists those who have difficulty registering in a course or have trouble logging on to the computer. In recognition of her contributions to student life, both the 1993 and 1999 Nursing yearbooks were dedicated to Meda. The 1993 class stated that "Meda has supported, guided, and aided all of us in numerous ways......we feel that without Meda many of us would not be where we are today". The 1999 class described Meda as a "halo of light" whose dedication to her work and her students goes "beyond any job requirements." They added that "it can be truthfully said that none of us graduating today would have made it through the past four years without her, not only because of her amazing technical skills, but for her kind words, patient manner, and constant encouragement, guidance and prayers."

Meda has been a key player in the planning of many of the faculty's social events, such as retirement and Christmas parties. She has assumed responsibility for the coffee fund and each afternoon checks the faculty kitchen to ensure that appliances are unplugged and dishes washed. Other staff also know that they can always count on her to assist with overload.

Meda has provided long and exemplary service to UNB and is very deserving of the recognition of a UNB Service Award.

Presented by Cheryl Gibson
Dean of Nursing
March 26, 2004