Martin Wielemaker  2012 University Teaching Scholar Recipient

Since beginning his career at the University of New Brunswick, Dr. Martin Wielemaker has proven himself to be an outstanding educator.  He has been a driving force for the Entrepreneurship programs and has worked tirelessly to improve the scope of those programs and the experience that they provide to our students.

Teaching On-Campus  and At Partner Programs Abroad

Dr. Wielemaker has taught a variety of courses at the graduate and undergraduate level including Competitive Strategy, Business Policy and Strategy, New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship, New Venture Start-up and Entrepreneurship, Studies in Small Business, Management of Innovation and Technology, Organizational Design, and Organizational Theory.  The course on Management of Innovation and Technology was one that he developed.  Continuously working to improve his teaching effectiveness, Martin experiments with alternative delivery modes, uses technology innovatively, attends professional development workshops and conferences, and develops new teaching materials.  He has developed tool kits for course offerings in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management and has conducted real-time case studies in the classroom.  He developed the ‘elevator pitch’ and ‘business plan’ competition with external jurors.

Martin’s commitment to teaching and to his students was recognized with the 2007-08 Best Teacher Award at the International Institute of Business, Kyiv, Ukraine for his teaching in the UNB MBA program.  He also received MBA Society’s Professor Recognition Award in 2007.

Curriculum Development

Dr. Wielemaker has played a significant role in curriculum development within the Faculty.  He helped develop the Entrepreneurship package for the Minor in Business for non-business students, the BBA and MBA level Entrepreneurship concentrations, and, as mentioned earlier, the Activator Program in Entrepreneurship.  As chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee, he developed the Assessment of Learning (AOL) assessment method for the MBA curriculum and played a pivotal role in the revamping of the MBA curriculum that included the initiation of new courses such as Professional Development.

Research in the Context of Pedagogy

Dr. Wielemaker has supervised numerous theses, projects and independent studies, mostly at the graduate level.  He was the lead author in a paper that described the Faculty’s experience with the Activator initiative.  The paper titled “Developing and Assessing Entrepreneurial Programs:  The Case of a New Program in Atlantic Canada,” was published in 2010 in the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.  Dr. Wielemaker has authored several scholarly publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings that mesh with pedagogy.

Professional Service

Dr. Wielemaker has developed a stellar record of service and has been a member of numerous faculty committees, including those that have dealt with course delivery and development as well as policy formulation pertaining to pedagogy.

Martin has served as a judge and panelist at business plan competitions on campus and at our partner location in Trinidad.  He served as instructor and facilitator on the Capstone Business Challenge for the Fredericton Business Community that was jointly organized by the Faculty of Business Administration and The Dr. J. Herbert Smith Centre in the Faculty of Engineering at UNB in cooperation with the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce.

He has written a report titled, “Five Year Strategic Plan 2009-2014:  Towards International Entrepreneurship” for the International Business and Entrepreneurship Centre (IBEC) at UNB Fredericton’s Faculty of Business Administration.  He also wrote a report titled:  “Detailed Proposal for the Establishment of an Atlantic Canada Studies Centre:  Five Year Perspective 2009-2014” for UNB’s Faculty of Arts.


Considering the range and proficiency of his activities and the outstanding learning experience that he provides to his students, I consider Dr. Martin Wielemaker to be highly deserving of a University Teaching Scholar Award.

Dr. Shirley Cleave
March 14, 2012