Margaret Murphy  2001 UNB President's Medal Recipient

Margaret has exemplified service on this campus for nearly 28 years. She first joined the staff of UNBSJ in the summer of 1973 when she was hired by George Stears to be the secretary of then Dean of Faculty, Eric Stanley. She went on to work for Forbes Elliot, and later for the precursor to what is now Student Services.

In 1978 she moved to the Registrar's Office as a secretary with then Registrar, Dr. Barry Beckett. She assumed her present position of Assistant Registrar in the early 1980s.

Margaret has helped at least two generations of students to enrol here and has gone out of her way to be of assistance to all students needing the help of her office. Her prolific memory when it comes to the names and faces of current and former students is absolutely uncanny. Her patience and understanding in dealing with difficult, and sometimes highly-emotional, situations has been appreciated by hundreds, if not thousands, of students.