Lizabeth Lemon-Mitchell - 2017 Distinguished Service Award

Lizabeth (Liz) Lemon-Mitchell joined the University of New Brunswick in 1998 originally appointed as Information/Office Manager for the Faculty, her role and responsibilities eventually expanded and grew to the position of Director of Communications and Operations.

Since taking up the appointment of Dean of the Faculty, it has been my great pleasure to work more closely with Liz and witness first-hand the exceptional skills and passion that she has for her work. The breadth of knowledge and expertise that she possesses is exceptional. She is tremendously effective in all that she does bringing an energy and creativity to each project that she takes on. Her professionalism and the warmth of her personality are qualities that shine through in all that she does. She is truly one of the most approachable and competent individuals with whom I have had the pleasure to work with.

Liz is involved in almost every aspect of our operations including the budget, managing the timetabling for our courses, management and re-design of our website, managing all marketing materials, organizing events such as the annual awards dinner and distinguished speakers series, liaising with the media and external organizations in the promotion of our programs, writing scripts and speeches for me and other members of our executive team who attend special events and more.

In her role as Director of Communications and Operations, Liz is a key member of the Faculty’s administrative team. She chairs the Faculty’s Special Events Committee and is a member of several faculty committees including the Co-ordination Committee. She contributes to the university community having served as a member of the UNB Marketing Communications Working Group, the Chancellor’s Last Year Planning Committee, and more.  Most recently, she was invited to participate in the It Begins Here campaign launch and to serve as co-chair for the Faculty Staff Campaign.

It could well be said that Liz is a driving force behind the annual Business Awards Dinner and the success of that event. Her skills in event organization and planning have made it one of our premier events attended by our students, alumni and university community.  

One of the many creative ways that Liz has promoted the accomplishments of our faculty, students and alumni is through the creation of an e-newsletter, Ideas with Impact. It provides a forum to highlight the impact these individuals have in their fields, their communities, and sometimes even nationally. Keeping with the times, Liz moved the publication to a blog type format where it continues to receive positive feedback from our alumni, members of the university community and other stakeholders.

As mentioned, Liz develops the promotional materials for our programs and various events. Her enthusiasm and passion for this aspect of her work comes across in the way she is able to communicate information to the audience. An excellent communicator, she is able to engage the interest of individuals whether through conversation or the written word. She routinely participates in MBA student recruitment. In fact, just last year the Faculty was invited to participate in an MBA Fair in India; when asked to represent the Faculty, she accepted the challenge travelling to several different centers in India promoting our MBA program.

Liz also teaches communications courses in the Faculty’s undergraduate program and required professional development courses in our graduate program. Students in her graduate courses are required to develop, promote and orchestrate a fundraising event for a non-profit organization. This has a significant impact on student learning and the community. As an example, in 2011, students conducted the event “11 Minutes/11 Muscles” raising $9,500 for Muscular Dystrophy Canada and increasing the organization’s visibility in the community. In 2014, a project for the Fredericton Legal Advice Clinic (FLAC) involved students creating a crowdfunding platform and most recently, students delivered an event that raised significant funds for the Fredericton Multicultural Centre.

We, Liz’s friends and colleagues, believe her to be truly deserving of this recognition for all these reasons and more. Please join with me in congratulating Liz!

Dr. Devashis (Dev) Mitra, Dean
Faculty of Business Administration