Liuchen Chang   2009 University Research Scholar Recipient

Dr. Chang is a world leader in the field of renewable energy conversion and distributed electric power systems.  His research record is exemplary and he is recognized as an authority on power converters for renewable energy systems including wind energy, solar energy and marine energy systems.

Dr. Chang has published over 140 articles in refereed journals and conference proceedings, as well as 20 other publications including two books.  He has served on several grant selection committees and is passionately committed to graduate training and research mentoring.  He has supervised a total of 15 Ph.D. students, 23 M.Sc.E. students, as well as several post doctoral fellows and visiting research associates.

Since joining UNB in 1992, Dr. Chang has attracted over $10M in sponsored research.  As lead investigator Dr. Chang established in 2008 the Canadian Wind Energy Strategic Network with a total of over $6M in support from NSERC and industrial sponsors.  The purpose of the network is to promote wind energy as a viable energy supplement in Canada’s energy portfolio, to solve technical challenges for deploying wind energy systems throughout Canada, and to empower the Canadian manufacturing sector to pursue international markets in related technologies.  The network is the first of its kind in Canada and comprises leading researchers from 16 universities across Canada working in collaboration with 15 industrial partners.

Dr. Chang exemplifies the qualities of both a University Research Scholar and an ambassador for UNB.  He has been a tireless mentor for students and has earned the great respect of his colleagues for his gentle but confident leadership.