Linda Nugent   2009 President's Medal Recipient

Dr. Linda S. Nugent is recognized for her unwavering commitment and loyalty to the University of New Brunswick over the span of a 28-year term. She is a true leader, scholar, steward and mentor. Dr. Nugent’s teaching career at UNB began in 1980 when she joined the Faculty of Nursing (UNBF) and her role as leader emerged with her move to the then Division of Sciences at UNB Saint John in 1988.

Leadership and Stewardship

Dr. Nugent’s leadership style is marked by vision, values, thought, selflessness and collaboration. In 1995 the Department of Nursing was born within the Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering, with Linda being its first Chair (1995-1997). Following the provincial government’s decision in 1994 to close Diploma Schools of Nursing and transfer responsibility of nursing education to universities, she assumed both leadership and executive responsibilities associated with the planning and implementation of UNBSJ’s Nursing Baccalaureate Program. Along with the responsibilities came unique challenges associated with a new curriculum, human and physical resources, recruitment, admissions and library acquisitions. Through all phases of the project she worked through and with senior managers and partners within both university and nursing community sectors. Dr. Nugent continues to this day, to use her personal leadership attributes and skills to assist in the ongoing development of nursing on the Saint John campus. She has chaired numerous Departmental committees, always with dedication and attention to detail. Additionally she continues to be sought out within and outside of the University to serve on important committees as her reputation for preparedness, active participation and teamwork is well known and equally well respected.


Dr. Nugent is regarded as scholar of reputation, acquiring grant awards, publishing in professional journals, and presenting papers on her research at local, provincial and national conferences.  In recent years Dr. Nugent has made tremendous contributions to the field of home support work. Her research findings and recommendations have been widely embraced by Home Support Workers’ Associations regionally and nationally. She has spoken by invitation at various public forums and on many radio shows. She has prepared briefs for the provincial government and for a working group whose mandate is to adjust the province’s Long Term Care Agenda. She is a member of the Home Support Worker Labour Adjustment Committee and co-presented the work of the committee to Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Post-Secondary Education, Family and Community Services and Health. Her influential research was recognized at the federal level as well, and she was asked to meet with the Minister of State (Family and Caregivers). These together represent only a part of the impact that her ongoing work has made and will continue to make on the lives and the work of home support workers.


Her passion for scholarship and continued learning complimented by her enthusiasm and genuine concern for high standards and better practices in teaching and research leads many faculty members within the Nursing Department to seek out her wise council and support.  This collegial support and guidance has been given generously and without reserve. Her relationships with both undergraduate and Master of Nursing graduate students are likewise marked by high standards, fairness and equity.

It is for these and for many other contributions and accomplishments that Dr. Linda Nugent is honored by the University of New Brunswick community.