Lawrence Garey   2005 President's Medal Recipient

Dr. Larry Garey has dedicated 30 plus years of service to this university and its students.  Since Larry arrived at UNB in 1971, he has been active in all aspects of university service and has served on numerous committees at all levels of university governance.  He has a passion for research which is evident with his recent recognition for over 100 journal and refereed conference publications and his quiet, humble approach to teaching has won him a lifetime of grateful students.


As a teacher, Larry has an extensive record of course evaluations that reflect the respect and admiration his students feel for him.  He was one of the first recipients of the Allan P. Stewart Memorial Award, a recognition for exemplary teaching.  The past several years have presented an extraordinary challenge for instructors on the Saint John campus as the number of international students in our classes escalates.  In Computer Science we typically face classes where 60 to 70 per cent of the students are from countries other than Canada.  Larry has faced this challenge head on and has done an excellent job accommodating the special requirements of these students. Many of them succeed in his courses and his office is usually occupied by students receiving extra tutoring. He is also sought out by students seeking extra advising or some sage advice.  Larry never turns them away and his door is always open.


Graduate work is an integral part of one’s research and Larry has incorporated his research results into many of the senior level courses and graduate courses he teaches.  He has taught numerous graduate courses for over 20 years, all above his regular workload.  Of the 30 graduate students Larry has worked with, he has supervised 10 master’s level students and three PhD students.  His effort to incorporate his research area with recent topics has also resulted in his serving on graduate committees for over 25 students from mathematics, statistics, computer science, science and engineering.  In addition to his work with graduate students, he has taken on the extra workload of supervising and serving on the reading committees of over 50 fourth-year honor theses.


An active researcher and supporter of graduate studies, Larry served on the School of Graduate Studies Executive Committee, he was the Saint John representative on the Computer Science GAU for many years and for five years he was Director of the Mathematics and Statistics GAU.  He was also the first from Saint John ever to serve as Director of a two-campus GAU.


Larry has held an NSERC grant continuously since the spring of his first year at UNB and has an extensive publication record.  He has presented papers to both national and international audiences in the United States and Canada.  His work has been requested from researchers in many countries such as England, the United States, Bulgaria, Egypt and Cuba.  He has also been invited to present papers at several of these locations.  As recognition of his prolific and quality research, he has been requested to review papers for several different journals and has served as an external reviewer for several faculty promotions at other universities.


Larry has served on the Board of Governors of UNB which made him a member of the University Senate.  Later he served on the Saint John Senate Committee and, following this, the Senate for the Saint John Campus.  Larry has served on this current Senate for most of its existence and is still a member.  In addition, he has served on many search committees:  President, Vice-Presidents, Deans, Registrars and Department Chairs.  He has also devoted many hours of work to his Departments to establish and promote new courses and two new degrees.  His input and his institutional history have been invaluable assets to the development of our programs.


Presented by Ruth Shaw

Professor of Computer Science & Applied Statistics

April 27, 2005