Kenneth Wetmore - 2016 Distinguished Service Award

Kenneth Wetmore was hired as UNBSJ's Engineering department technician in November 2013 after experience working in several different capacities following his graduation from the Electrical Engineering Technology program at NBCC. His self-taught knowledge and skill in mechanical areas coupled with his college and work education gave him the multi-disciplinary ability needed to take on this position and progress quickly. Some of his post-graduation training includes Hurco VMlO,i Winmax 9,lnstron Bluehill 2,and Solidworks Essentials.

Besides innumerable day to day duties, Kenneth has had an opportunity to work with students,faculty, and staff on a variety of projects and labs. He has provided valuable help with regards to purchasing including product research and obtaining quotes, making purchases and keeping equipment records.He is often busy installing new equipment, preparing labs,calibrating old equipment,designing, machining, and fabricating parts,and supervising those working on projects in the engineering work shop.

Some of the major purchases and installations he has been involved with are the new metallathe, CNC machining center, CNC plasma cutter, computer analyzed engine lab, and semi-automated sample polisher, all of which are to improve the engineering workshop and labs, and bring them up to current technology standards. Some of these additions have involved a great deal of work on his part, as can be illustrated by the addition of the new metal lathe and CNC machining center.

For this project, local machine shops, individuals, and online sources were consulted with regard to different brands, options, configurations, physical dimensions, application suggestions,and trial software and manuals were obtained to confirm details. From a short list, options and quotes were obtained while considering the physical space,ergonomics and electricalrequirements. Electrical consultations,floor reinforcements involving concrete pouring, entranceway modifications, and heavy lifting specialists and crane operators were all required for the final installation. Many of the specialists involved had to be co-ordinated to ensure the correct sequence,and to cut open the wall around the doorway, and immediately re-build it on the day of delivery. After installation, the manufacturer provided Kenneth with a forty hour training session,and he subsequently built a fixture bed for the CNC machining center to greatly improve its functionality.

Smaller scale projects for UNB faculty and staff may include the design,3d modeling, and machining of simple parts or assemblies, weld repairs, or fabrications. Kenneth also assists students with fabrication of their term projects incudes: general supervision in a shop environment, suggesting materials and/or methods, performing machine tool operations, welding, and general fabrication techniques to build parts that they have designed.

Kenneth has also made notable improvements to the records for shop materials, chemicals, tools, equipment; associated purchases, repairs, and maintenance. He has learned quickly, and greatly enhanced the Engineering capabilities of the department.