Kelly Waugh   2015 Distinguised Services Award

What impresses me the most about Kelly is her commitment to service excellence.  Kelly treats every student with such kindness and compassion, taking not only the time to listen to their concerns, but, also showing them that they matter.  She will regularly go out of her way to follow-up on students that she is concerned about making sure that they are eating, that they a roof over their head so they can concentrate on their course work and completing their degree.  As the Financial Aid Officer, Kelly’s role is far greater than providing needs-based funding to help students succeed at UNB. 

Kelly’s career at UNB (Fredericton Campus) began ~28 years ago as an Administrative Assistant with Counselling Services subsequently transitioning to the Scholarship and Awards Office (now known as Undergraduate Awards Office) and then to Financial Aid in 1988.  Her interest and passionate advocacy for students in need lead to her current role as the Fredericton Campus Financial Aid Officer in 1995. 

I feel that Kelly is very deserving of award recognition; she makes a substantial contribution to the success of the university in her quiet unassuming way.  She regularly receives personal thank you notes and comments from students.  As her supervisor, I have received many positive comments from students thanking her for how she made them feel.  The Financial Aid Office is rated by the Graduating Students Survey Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) as one of the top services in reference to student satisfaction.  Additionally, internal surveys such as the Work-Study Student Satisfaction Survey rate their experiences with the Financial Aid Office staff between 98-100% consistently over decades of analysis.

Kelly’s generous spirit, warm and open attitude was instrumental in the success of the Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA) National Conference in 2003 which stills holds the title as the highest profit generating national conference in the association’s history.  Kelly was not only the administrative support for this conference; she was on the ground as part of the resolution team.  With a three person planning team, she became the “Jill” of all trades.   

Seven years later, Kelly was on the Planning Team for CASFAA 2010.  Not only did we generate the 2nd highest profit in the Association’s history, we also received the title for the only planning team that was able to convince the US Department of Education to cross the border to present on Title IV funding to Financial Aid Officer across Canada.  No conference planning team prior to 2010 or preceding this time frame have been successful in this request.

Kelly is also on the UNB (Fredericton Campus) United Way Team for 2012-13, 2013-14 and currently for 2014-15.  We have exceeded our goal for the United Way campaign in the previous two years and we are underway with our current campaign.

Kelly receives my highest recommendation for this award.  She is a hard-working, dedicated employee who uses her great depth of compassion to assist students in need.

read by Shelley Clayton
Financial Aid, Student Services
April 13, 2015