Kelly Cummings   2010 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

I would like to nominate Kelly Cummings for a service award.  Kelly is most deserving of this reward since she was appointed as Campus Animal Care Technician; her dedication to the job has been well above what would normally be expected.  On numerous occasions over the past year she has come in on weekends and after hours to ensure the health of our aquatic animals and stays until the situation is rectified.

On the last occasion on August 12, 2009 a water line was cut by a construction crew and Kelly quickly contacted all individuals which use this water line, Facilities Management, and myself.  In conjunction with Facilities Management, Kelly stayed well past midnight to ensure that the animals had adequate air running into the tanks and monitored water quality until water flow was reestablished.  At this point, she monitored chlorine levels to ensure that they stayed below toxic levels. 

Although we did experience some fish mortality, it would have been much higher had Kelly not acted as quickly as she did and stay the course until the situation was rectified. This is what Kelly typical does in a critical situation.  Our animal care facilities are much better and secure thanks to the dedication and hard work of Kelly.

Steve Turnbull
Director of Animal Care