Kathy Robertson   2007 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Kathy’s role at UNB began in 2001 with a concentration in the area of operating budgets.  Kathy is always working diligently behind the scenes, and projects confidence to faculty, students and staff of her knowledge and skills in financial management.  Before arriving on campus, Kathy honed her skills in the private sector, developing well-rounded experience in all areas of finance. 

Kathy has demonstrated a willingness and initiative to improve financial reporting and consistency with reporting practices.  An example of this is the changes made to the five-year projection model.  Kathy worked for several months to change this outdated file, in order for the information to tie into both CAUBO requirements as well as the needs of Senior Management.  The outcome resulted in more detailed and qualitative information provided for the financial reporting and forecasting required for today’s strategic decision-making. 

As well, Kathy has been extremely accurate in her variance analysis.  The variance estimated in early fall is usually within 2% of the final year-end results.  This is due to her detailed knowledge of all accounts, as well as her ability to project trends in an accurate manner.

Kathy is very open and understanding and I believe all faculty and staff are comfortable with asking her for advice.  They know she will maintain her professional attitude as well as advise in an effective manner.  Kathy projects a very positive image for our department, which is rare in today’s view of most Finance departments!  She has been a major contributor with deriving new information in order for the department to be proactive in most areas.

Kathy has also been a key participant in new program/course proposals as her understanding of both budgets and the accounting system help direct the way these need to be set up.

The financial staff in Fredericton also deals with Kathy on a daily basis and enjoys doing so.  I often hear comments from people about what a great job Kathy does.

In closing, I feel that Kathy has demonstrated outstanding dedication and service to our campus community at the University of New Brunswick.  It is for these reasons, that I have no hesitation in nominating her for these prestigious awards.


Heather Finkle
Manager, Financial & Administrative Services
April 25, 2007