Kathy Lumsden   2004 President's Medal Recipient

Kathy Lumsden has served many vice-presidents (academic) in the 22 years she has worked in Sir Howard Douglas Hall. She began as one of two people in the Vice-President's Office - Dr. Burridge and Kathy. Those early days were filled with complexity and challenge as Vice-President Burridge and Kathy administered the University's first collective agreement with faculty and librarians. Much of the management and interpretation of specific articles in the agreement fell onto Kathy's broad shoulders - a function that continues to this day.

Dr. Burridge and Kathy extended the relationship of the Vice-President (Academic) with the deans and faculties to ensure a collegial approach to dealing with growing academic issues and concerns. Kathy leapt to the challenge and established a strong and continuous network with the true keepers of the University - the administrative secretaries.

Kathy's professional demeanor and her political sensitivity have been crucial to all vice-presidents (academic) as they tackle many University and community challenges. She has clearly demonstrated her flexibility as she has successfully adjusted to the varying styles of the many vice-presidents she has served. Kathy's hard work, pragmatism, diligence and empathy for others is legendary. Above all else, Kathy is a "people person" - her bright sense of humour and unfailing kindness to others make it a pleasure to work with her.

Through her extensive network, she developed a keen sense of the underlying behavioural dynamics of University administrators, faculty and staff - to the benefit of all vice-presidents (academic). Her judgement of people and their situations tends to be infallible and provides an excellent gauge for vice-presidents (academic) to use in making good decisions.

Kathy has long served as one of the University's key corporate memories. For many of the externally appointed vice-presidents, her unbiased knowledge of many issues was essential for them to adapt quickly to UNB's unique challenges. Kathy also maintains a smoothly operating office environment, effectively meeting the many challenges posed by the collective agreement, academic personnel issues, and keeping track of various complex issues as they progress through the University administration.

To sum up, in the words of Dr. Tom Traves, President of Dalhousie University, and former UNB Vice-President (Academic):

"Kathy Lumsden was, and is, a tremendous employee and UNB is very lucky to have such a person working unflaggingly on its behalf".

Presented by Mike Ircha
Associate Vice-President (Academic)
March 26, 2004