Kara Stonehouse    2005 UNB Distinguished Service Award Recipient

The University of New Brunswick is pleased to recognize Kara [Wiggins] Stonehouse with the Distinguished Service Award.

Although Kara has been a member of the University community for only a few years, her accomplishments are manifold, and set a high standard for dedication and performance.  Kara demonstrates an exceptional level of dedication and leadership, and has earned the trust and admiration of colleagues within our institution, among our partners, in our community, and beyond.

Kara has led dramatic enhancements to marketing at UNB Saint John, resulting in award winning materials, beneficial partnerships, and renewed prestige for our campus.  These initiatives have outperformed the work of institutions with vastly greater budgets and larger staff resources, benefiting from a collaborative approach and creative innovation.

Through her actions, Kara has made noteworthy contributions to the creation of a positive, professional, and results-focused culture on the campus.  She is an active role model and mentor for staff and for student employees.

Kara is also an effective ambassador for UNB, serving in her spare time as President of the New Brunswick Arts Council and a variety of community endeavors.  She has a clear commitment to active participation in civic and not-for profit activities, and she is looked to as a leader in the community as well as on the campus.

Kara epitomizes the kind of young employee that UNB wants to attract and retain, and recognize:  a high performer professionally, someone who leads by example in building our campus and community culture, and who keeps the best interests of the entire institution and our students in the forefront of her work.

Presented by David Emerson

Director of Advancement

April 27, 2005