June Campbell  2015 Distinguished Service Award

It is with great pleasure, that we, the faculty and staff in the Faculty of Education, nominate June Campbell in recognition of her 42.5 years of exemplary service to the University of New Brunswick community in Fredericton.

June Campbell came to our campus in May of 1972 right out of high school, to work within the Education program before there even was a Faculty of Education at UNB. For as long as anyone can remember, June has provided administrative support for the Field Services Department.   There is not a school, a principal or a cooperating teacher in this province and beyond, who has worked with UNB pre-service teachers who does not know June. She has been the constant face, voice and name of our program  for generations of teachers.  In her role, she has consistently represented  our faculty with patience, professionalism and thoughtfulness. As the reflections  below poignantly suggest, June has been a pillar in the Faculty of Education, and one who could be consistently counted on for support and advice.

June has served in our B.Ed. office  and provided admin support to many people and projects. She is tireless in her dedication to UNB and the Faculty of Education. She is always pleasant to work with, has a genuine affection for the faculty, staff and students, and makes working here a better place.
- Ann Sherman, Dean of Education

I  have come to appreciate her professional and pleasant demeanour and how well respected she is by the students and by her co-workers. June's great sense of humour is enjoyed by all and she can be counted on to be "on board" when organizing special events for the students.
- Cathy Walsh-James, Director of Field Services  - Retired

She has a pleasant and friendly manner that allows her to work easily with others. She happily takes on any role that is asked of her. June is the first person that our retired Faculty of Education members ask about. They really care about June and have often commented that UNB will be losing a very valuable staff member when she retires.
- Diane Shannon, Coordinator of Student Programs - Retired

When I  think of my career as both an education student and a teacher, one person remains constant in my life, June Campbell. After graduating from high school/ arrived at d'Avray  Hall as a first year education  student. One of the first individuals I  met was June. Thirty years later, I  was working as a Coordinator for District 18. One of my responsibilities was internships. Once again, I  had the opportunity to work with June Campbell. June had not changed at all. Her willingness  to work hard- her kindness, her empathy...June was still June, a wonderful individual and a brilliant ambassador for both the faculty and the university.

I  have had the honour and privilege of finishing my years in the faculty where I began my career.  Ironically, one of the most helpful individuals in my professional life is still June Campbell.
- Philip Sexsmith,  Faculty Associate & FNTEP Coordinator

When June began her career, communication with schools required typewriters, telephones and Canada Post. Despite her love of paper copy, she learned to effectively and professionally manage an operation that now depends on email, electronic files and online evaluation systems.

It must be said that June's greatest contribution to the Field Services Department and the Faculty of Education has been the role that she has played most directly with our many students over the years. She was never too busy to listen to an individual request for a school placement or provide them with a change in school placement if one was required.  June never turned a student away without trying her very best to secure the request. The remarks here support June's spirit and determined obligation:

I  have been a colleague of June's for 8 years now, working side by side, in the Faculty of Education. I  am in awe of this woman on a daily basis for her unending knowledge  of the faculty, the university and New Brunswick communities near and far. She has been a great role model for this generation of adults who do not understand the meaning of employee loyalty and job satisfaction  which is relatively unheard of in 2014. It is with great pride, admiration  and appreciation of the woman, colleague and friend of mine, June Campbelt that I  support this nomination.
- Teena MacDougan, General Office Assistant, Post-Graduate and Undergraduate Programs Office

June is a seasoned employee with the University of New Brunswick.  Her tireless effort to create a healthy and productive environment for thousands of Bachelor of Education students over the past 42.5 years is a reflection of her strength and commitment to UNB, along with her commitment to academic communities at large.
- Catherine McKinnon, Support Staff

I cannot say whether or not June came to UNB thinking that she would stay this long, I can only say that I am glad that she did. We have been well served by June, as well as having been well represented by her.

Once again, on behalf of the Faculty of Education, it is our pleasure to nominate June Campbell who retired on September 30, 2014 for an award.  I am optimistic that the committee will see fit to bestow a well-deserved honour upon June Campbell.

Dr. Katherine Winslow
Faculty of Education
April 13, 2015