Judith Doak-Crouse  2003 UNB President's Medal Recipient

Judith Doak-Crouse has filled a key role in the Office of Vice-President (Finance and Administration) for the past 28 years. A graduate of the New Brunswick Community College in St. Andrews, she held a senior secretarial position in the Provincial Government before joining UNB in 1974. Over the years, her duties in the Office of the Vice-President have gone far beyond the management of correspondence and appointments and have included:

  • collecting complex statistical information from all parts of the University, the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission and Statistics Canada;
  • distributing and explaining budget and other financial information to campus departments; and
  • the management of all support services required by her two-person department.

Judy's high level of energy; her special skills in developing effective working relationships with faculty, staff, students and visitors; and her unwavering devotion to accuracy in everything she does have made an important contribution to the smooth working of the University for nearly three decades. Judy has also been extensively involved over the years with the UNB United Way Campaign through the collection and processing of donations and through keeping track of UNB totals.

At the same time, she maintains many outside interests, of which dogs, snowmobiling and a vast network of friends and acquaintances are only a few. All of these work to foster a realistic perspective on what is important in life — and have helped her to keep a healthy balance in her response to both the complex administrative challenges and the continually changing personnel and priorities that characterize daily work at the senior levels of the University.

Judy will be retiring from UNB before the end of the year and moving on to the next important stage of her life. Judy will be sadly missed — the University will be hard pressed to replace her.

Presented by by James F. O'Sullivan Vice-President Emeritus (Finance and Administration)
February 7, 2003