Joanne Croft   2005 UNB Distinguished Service Award Recipient

It is an honour to nominate Mrs. Joanne Croft for the UNB Distinguished Service Award.  Since 1992, the University of New Brunswick has been fortunate to experience, firsthand, her dedication to UNBSJ and her genuine interest and enthusiasm towards her work.

Joanne Croft embodies the purpose of the UNB Distinguished Service Award.  Always working diligently behind the scenes, few realize the significant contribution she makes to campus life at UNBSJ until something goes wrong.  Watching her in action — taking charge and guiding her staff through a solution — gives confidence to faculty, students and staff that someone is in control; someone is in charge.

Joanne’s role at UNB began as part-time Safety Co-ordinator and then expanded into the Security side as well.  This role was new to the Saint John campus and she has played a vital part in building the job into what it is today.  Joanne began by implementing chemical/lab safety, starting a Hazardous Waste Disposal Program and joining forces with IT and Chemistry staff to create an automated inventory system of all chemicals on the campus, which Chemistry staff still use and update every summer.  This list, along with floor plans indicating the location of the majority of chemicals on campus, is filed with the fire department in Millidgeville. 

Thanks to Joanne’s willingness and ability to take on, organize and implement difficult tasks, UNBSJ now has regular fire drills, fire extinguisher inspections, people trained in WHMIS, a Transportation of Dangerous Goods Policy, Boat Safety Policy, Remote Location Plans for those who leave campus to conduct research, and a Diving Policy, which she oversees for both campuses.  Joanne’s office directs mold sampling, she holds Ergonomic Workshops, flu clinics and wellness days which include having blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol levels checked, and her office conducts a Hot Work Program, which involves issuing permits before anyone can weld, solder or braze on campus.  Joanne’s job can be a dangerous one and she was instrumental in preventing a loss of life situation during a major propane leak in Ganong Hall which left the building shut down for two days and the adjoining lecture theatre shut down for eight and, as a result, all propane installations on campus were brought up to the code of the day.

Aside from the safety portion of her role, Joanne has been instrumental in drafting and implementing new policies and procedures for security related matters over the years, such as a Critical Incidents Plan document which deals with procedures to handle bomb threats, chemical spills, the death of a student and suspected cases of infectious diseases.  Joanne is directly involved in the investigation of criminal matters that have occurred on campus, and tracks and investigates all reports to Campus Security thoroughly.  As well as being responsible for all parking on campus, she has also researched and implemented a new parking system involving Pay and Display machines and meters and new signage for the campus.  Joanne is also our Commissioner of Discipline on the Saint John campus and deals with students disciplinary problems in a considerate manner, not only providing discipline, but also attempting to help the student to not only to resolve the problem, but to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Joanne is proactive in her role and stays knowledgeable and up to date on current safety regulations and legislation and she is always looking for new methods and ideas for solutions to parking related concerns, security concerns and safety issues.  Being able to offer effective leadership to her staff and to provide the comfort campus-wide, that such a person is in charge of our safety and security, is a priceless commodity. 

In closing, I feel that Mrs. Croft has demonstrated outstanding dedication and service to our campus community over the span of her career at the University of New Brunswick, and has played an important role in making our campus what it is today.  It is for these reasons, that I have no hesitation in nominating her for this prestigious award.

Presented by Chris Callbeck

Assistant Vice-President (Financial & Administrative Services)

April 27, 2005