Hugh Lautard   2010 President's Medal Recipient

June 30, 2009 was a sad day for the Department of Sociology.  That day Dr. Hugh Lautard, someone whose loyality and dedication to students and our department was so extraordinary that it always evoked awe and respect—and sometimes even a word of rebuke Hugh you HAVE to cut back—retired from full-time service. 

To say that Dr. Lautard dedicated his professional time and talents to advising and teaching students would not do proper service to the unbelievable number of hours of the normal working day, evenings and even weekends that he spent preparing for students, advising students, checking student records and offering students a “listening ear.”  He was the heart and soul of our undergraduate program, extending a warm receptivity to, and care for, all the undergraduate students who found their way into our courses, our majors and honours programs, and eventually into graduate studies here or elsewhere.  A common sight at the beginning of term was to see two or three—and sometimes many more—students outside Dr. Lautard’s office wanting to have a personal conversation and curricular advice from our Director of Undergraduate Studies.  He was always patient with them, answered questions thoughtfully and respectfully, had an open door policy for upwards of 10 hours a day, and made a significant difference in their experience at UNB.  Thousands of students over Dr. Lautard’s career have received his support and advice, been mentored or supervised by him, and have been enriched intellectually through courses he taught.  His supervision of graduate students was stellar, his teamwork as part of graduate committees for students conscientious beyond fault, and the seriousness with which he considered all matters relating to the experience of students truly remarkable, so remarkable that we have begged him to stay on in his role as advisor for at least a little while longer, even though he is retired. 

To be sure, Dr. Hugh Lautard advances the mission of UNB and exemplifies—dare we say, embodies—the UNB motto making a significant difference.  The Department of Sociology is unanimous in its enthusiastic recommendation of Dr. Hugh Lautard for an award of outstanding service to our department and to UNB. 

Nancy Nason-Clark