Heather Long-Smith   2007 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

On behalf of the Management Team of the Office of the Registrar, UNB Saint John I am writing to nominate Heather Long-Smith for a Distinguished Service Award.

Heather is a graduate of UNB and a long serving member of the Registrar’s Office Team.  Heather works on the student support team offering both front line services as well as supporting prospective students through the admission process.

Heather has a professional approach to her work and her demeanor with students is a model for all.   She has an admirable ability to calm people who feel stress and helps people feel positive about their decisions and situations.  Her work ethic and the caliber of her service are impeccable.  Not one prone to boasting or self promotion Heather works diligently and quietly and get results.

The Registrar regularly receives messages from local High School Guidance Counselors  commending UNB Saint John on the caliber of the staff who support their students. Heather is often singled out by name.

In addition to the demands of her position she is there for her colleagues when needed and contributes to the university community above and beyond the scope of her normal duties.  Heather has been involved in the Children’s Christmas Party, as well as singing O Canada at convocation and off campus University Events.

In short Heather exemplifies selfless dedication to her work and the university.  She is quietly efficient and is a asset to the University.  She is an wonderful colleague but most importantly she is an outstanding human being.


Tom Buckley, Registrar, for

Margaret Murphy, Associate Registrar

Doreen MacAulay, Assistant Registrar

April 25, 2007