Gardiner MacDougall   2009 President's Medal Recipient

I have known Gardiner MacDougall for the past eighteen years.  Along with coaching against Gardiner, I have now worked with him for four years at UNB and have as a hockey parent, entrusted our oldest son with him during our time in Fredericton.  More importantly, I have had an opportunity to hear so many positive comments from others, and see the influence he has had on young people in the community.

As far as coaching, Gardiner is one of the best in the country and at the same time has always been a student of the game, striving to improve.  It is not uncommon for him to contact people like myself, or other coaches he is associated with, if he has a question he needs an answer to.  He is highly efficient in all areas of coaching.  Along with his technical background, he is extremely professional and the respect he garners from players and associates is very obvious.  He cares about hockey, and first and foremost, the players who play the game.  Gardiner exudes the qualities of commitment, dedication and enthusiasm…to me this is what makes him special.  He is a highly motivated, self-starter. At the end of the day, Gardiner’s legacy not only here at UNB, but within Canadian Interuniversity Sport will be outstanding.

Gardiner is honest, a terrific role model, and he cares tremendously about youth.  He’s very involved in the community and can always be counted on.  I would go as far to say that Gardiner has had as great an impact on minor hockey players and coaches in the Fredericton and rural community as anyone ever has.  He is selfless with his time; especially considering his son Taylor has moved on in his hockey career and no longer benefits from the Varsity Reds numerous camps.

Gardiner’s ability to attract top “student-athletes” to UNB and develop them into well rounded men is truly special.  He understands that university sport is the big game in town here in Fredericton, and he and his players accept and relish the responsibilities that go along with that.  They are leaders in public service, promotional and causal initiatives and events.  In the classroom his student-athletes are exceptional.  Last year, six student-athletes from the team were named Academic All Canadians while, sixteen team members received a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Gardiner has helped transcend men’s hockey at UNB from a team, to a program, and now to a “brand” that is the envy of all others across the country.

In closing, I have obviously enjoyed and appreciated my association and friendship with Gardiner and I know he will continue to be highly successful.  Along with being a tremendous husband and father, his goal each day is to “make a significant difference in the lives of others”.   There is no question that has happened and will continue to take place here at UNB.

Kevin Dickie

Director of Athletics