Gail Correia   2012 Distinguished Service Award

Gail has worked in the Library at UNBSJ since 1979. Her current position is Acquisitions and Document Delivery Supervisor and she reports directly to me. Her department is responsible for ordering, receiving and paying the bills for all the print material and some of the electronic resources we have in the library. The other part of her department provides an excellent and essential (for a campus of our size) document delivery service. I recently had someone tell me that “the service is amazing”. The faculty member “requests a document from her office and by the time she walks over to the Commons it is ready” (well, she was exaggerating just a bit). I have heard only positive comments regarding our document delivery service.

The services Gail and her department provide are somewhat invisible. For document deliver, books and articles are ordered online and then delivered electronically or picked up at the circulation desk. In other words, the face of the service is either the web or circulation services staff. The same is true for the ordering of print books, requests are sent to Gail and then the material appears on the shelves.

Gail is a real asset to the Information Services and Systems Leadership Team. Gail can always to counted on to ask the important question and has an extremely humorous, and at the same time low-key approach. She is quick to volunteer and take on new challenges. For example she recently volunteered to join a task force to coordinate our upcoming Quality Assurance review.

Gail has witnessed tremendous change in how her services are provided in the 32 years of her career. Based on my observations over the last 16 months, she embraces change and quickly adapts and learns new technology. In the last few years we have seen significant growth in the service, for example from January to October 2011 document delivery activity has increased 34 percent. This growth has been accomplished without additional staff resources.

I think what distinguishes the service Gail provides is that after 32 years on this campus she still brings a smile, positive attitude and professionalism to the job every day.

Karen Keillor, Information Services and Systems
March 14, 2012