Frances Stevens   2012 Distinguished Service Award

I am pleased to nominate Frances Stevens for a Distinguished Service Award.

Frances came to our department in 1997. Dr. Taukulis was chair at the time and I inherited her when I came back as chair from a sabbatical.

Since becoming our departmental secretary Fran has engaged in life-long learning. She learned to manage our idiosyncrasies, and dealt professionally with new computer systems and increased responsibilities as the nature of the position evolved over the years. She is now an office manager who keeps the chair, at least me, on track to deal with timely execution of completing forms, scheduling, and attending meetings.

One of Fran's primary activities is dealing with students who appear at our front counter looking for advising, counseling, and goodness knows what else. She has handled that with good humour, pleasantness, and grace.

Over the years Fran has become an integral part of the department. She remembers birthdays, shows compassion to those in need, students, faculty, and other staff members. She has mastered the various computer programs, e.g. financial forms, web pages, contracts, research surveys- and the list goes on and knows who to contact in purchasing, graduate studies, etc. when either a chair or another departmental member requires assistance.

Without a doubt Fran is very deserving of this award. Our department would be in chaos without her.

Sandy Wilson, Chair, Department of Psychology, UNBSJ
March 14, 2012