Faith Bradley-Sharp - 2017 Distinguished Service Award

Faith Bradley-Sharpe is currently the Graduate Program Administrative Assistant in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management. She has carried much of the administrative load for Graduate Programs in the Faculty for the past 10 years, taking on primary responsibility for managing graduate student applications and course registrations, organizing graduate seminars, and being the secretary of Graduate committee meetings. She is also instrumental in organizing graduate thesis defenses that often involve the use of internet tools for connecting across the world. Faith also leads the organization of the Faculty’s annual Student Awards ceremony and the Silver Ring ceremony. Through this work, she has developed excellent working relationships with the School of Graduate Studies and other units. She is a strong advocate for graduate students and she has an amazing ability to creatively solve their problems and challenges. What makes Faith stand-out in our Faculty is her unique personality and unwavering commitment to our Faculty. She is known as an easy person to talk to and is a great listener. She has boundless enthusiasm, and always answers with a smile. She never seems to rattle or be bothered even during stressful situations. She is the first one to open her arms to anyone who needs a hug. She supports our students above and beyond her job requirements and is a mom away from home. Outside UNB, Faith is involved with search and rescue activities. Such volunteer activity shows her high commitment to the well-being of others, and is one more illustration for why Faith is a worthy recipient of the UNB Distinguished Service Award.