Everette Grattan   2005 UNB Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Everette Grattan began his career at UNB in 1972 when he was hired to assist Jack Harris in the maintenance of the Sir Max Aitken and  Lady Beaverbrook Residence pools.  He became the head pool technician in 1974.  Since that time he has assumed responsibilities for the maintenance of the cardio-training room, the maintenance of strength-training room and scheduling of the SMA pool. 

 Everette Grattan is one of the unsung heroes of the faculty who works quietly behind the scenes and gets the job done without the need for supervision.  According to retired professor Bob Stangroom, who was Everette’s supervisor through the 70s and early 80s, “The unobtrusive manner of Everette in carrying out his duties brings little attention to the routine operation of the SMA pool, so it may be taken for granted at times...Everette Grattan is indispensable!”

 Through the 80s and 90s, Jeff Burkard worked closely with Everette as his supervisor.  Jeff was equally impressed by the thoroughness of his work, his attention to detail, and his public relation skills.  Patrons to the pool, cardio and weight rooms at UNB appreciate having Everette on-site, talking with them to hear their concerns and in many cases educating them about pool chemistry and exercise equipment. 

 One of the most impressive examples of his attention to detail, is his system of monitoring equipment.  Unlike pool technicians who respond to leaks and equipment breakdowns, Everette takes a proactive approach by maintaining a record of every piece of equipment, when it was installed and the predicted date it should be replaced.  Visiting pool technicians are very impressed with his thorough and proactive approach to pool maintenance.


Everette Grattan is genuinely concerned about providing a safe environment and being fiscally responsible.  In the early 90s, he and aquatic coordinator Andrew Cole designed a spine board which was used to transport potential spinal injury victims from the water to the pool deck.  The spine board was much safer to use than conventional spine boards that were on the market at that time.  In the late 90s, Everette led the initiative to change the pool’s chemical system to a saline-based system.  This new system, now in place in the SMA pool, uses less chlorine than conventional systems, thus reducing the risk of patrons having allergic reactions to chlorine.  Last year, one patron was able to return to the pool after a 10 year absence caused by an allergy to chlorine.

 Over the past 33 years, things have gone wrong at the pool and activity rooms despite Everette’s vigilance and technical skill.  Breakdowns just can’t be avoided.   However, Everette is a calming influence during these turbulent times.  We rely on his positive demeanor to diffuse situations and fix the problem.  And he does just that. 

 Everette has a sense of humour that gives employees and patrons a lift.  Conversations with Everette are informative, sometimes funny, and often times bring a smile to one’s face.  He helps make the environment at the Lady Beaverbrook Gym a positive place to learn and grow.  We are very fortunate to have him at UNB.

 Presented by Jeff Burkard

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Faculty of Kinesiology

March 23, 2005