J. Eugene Lewis    2006 President's Medal Recipient

Dr. Lewis has served as Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for five terms (a total of 22 years) between 1980 and 2005 and has worked with seven Deans of Engineering since he joined UNB in 1969.  During that period, Dr. Lewis has hired almost all current faculty in the Department. He was instrumental in the development of ten courses with their respective associated laboratories in the areas of electromagnetics, transmission lines, microwaves and fibre optics.

Throughout his term as Chair, Dr. Lewis has led the ECE Department through two large expansions; one in 1982 and the other in 2002, including the implementation of two new programs in Computer and Software Engineering.

Dr. Lewis has demonstrated his commitment and interest in the University community by serving on several Task Forces for Deans and Vice Presidents on space planning, budget procedures, energy conservation and assessment of UNB technical services, as well as serving on numerous Senate and Faculty committees.  His commitment to student learning has also been demonstrated through the development of innovative programs for student recruitment – the “lab in a box” program which delivers technical laboratories to 600 high schools each year and a popular technology impact series delivered to 30 schools. 

He has secured considerable external support for Research Chairs and undergraduate laboratories including:  Sun Microsystems Workstation Laboratory, Honeywell Control Laboratory; and Nortel-NB Tel Fibre Optics Laboratory.


In research, he has produced the first analysis of optical fibre propagation and several innovations in industrial applications of microwave heating.  Dr. Lewis was instrumental in the establishment of CADMI Microelectronics Inc. in 1983, serving as its Director since 1988.  The Centre has attracted over $2 Million in capital and operating grants and $4 Million in contracts with the completion of over 213 development projects and 240 printed circuit board designs.  CADMI has been involved with the start-up or advancement of numerous small firms in New Brunswick through the transfer of microelectronic technology.  Dr Lewis will continue in the role as Director after his retirement in 2006. 

Recently Dr. Lewis initiated the Bhutan Light Project with the goal of providing light systems to the 70% of homes in rural Bhutan without electricity.

Dr. David Coleman
Dean of Engineering

Read by Dr. Chris Diduch

April 11, 2006