Elizabeth Whamond   2011 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Liz Whamond exemplifies the “Spirit of UNB.”  She is a nationally recognized leader and tireless champion for local, national and international breast cancer research organizations and advocacy networks.  Since 1996 she has served in various capacities such as President of the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, Chair of the Governing Council of the Cochrane Consumer Network (CCNet International), Chair of the Canadian Cancer Action Network as well as Board Member of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

In her other life, Liz is an invaluable employee of the University. For over 27 years she has been the principal manager of six deans of the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management. As one might expect, her knowledge of programs, budgets and people is both legendary and encyclopedic.  She is the corporate memory of the unit and uses her knowledge effectively and with discretion.

Liz, your colleagues are proud of you and the work that you do on behalf of the Faculty and our community.  You truly deserve this honour.

Donald Floyd

Forestry & Environmental Management